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1909 HuseltonIn 1964 a small group of auto enthusiasts met to discuss the formation of an antique auto club. Following several meetings and the filing of the necessary application papers, on February 4, 1965 our organization became a regional club of the Antique Automobile Club of America. The chosen name for the club, Butler Old Stone House Region, recognized the mid-60’s restoration and public opening of the old stagecoach stop “The Old Stone House” near Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania.

Within four years membership was strong enough to organize our first annual show. The year was 1969 and the location chosen was the popular Pioneer Drive-In Theater north of Butler, Pennsylvania. As part of the clubs progression, the Butler Old Stone House Region hosted a Special National AACA Show in 1991 on the grounds of the Butler County Community College in Butler, Pennsylvania.

The Butler Old Stone House Region is a unique AACA region as our club is the owner or caretaker of several antique automobiles which were built in Butler, PA.  The Butler Old Stone House Region owns both a 1920 Standard Eight Touring car and a 1922 Standard Eight Vestibule Sedan.  In addition to the two club owned cars the Butler Old Stone House Region is the caretaker of the 1909 Huselton which was donated to the city of Butler, PA by the Huselton family.

  • The club restored and provides ongoing maintenance for the 1909 Huselton as well as the 1922 Standard Eight vestibule sedan. The club recently purchased the 1920 open touring Standard which the club continues to restore.  All of these cars are very rare and were built in Butler, Pennsylvania.

Butler Old Stone House Region members have responded many times to requests from various community groups to show the club “owned” cars. The Standard and the Huselton participate in many local parades, including the Safety Day, Memorial Day and the Veterans Day Parades to name a few. The club also participates in many of the local area festivals. The club also presents classes at local high school vo-techs focused on the history of the local “Butler Built “cars.

Butler Old Stone House Region annual tours have included the Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum, the Studebaker museum in South Bend Indiana, the Cord Museum in Auburn Indiana, the Frick Car and Carriage Museum in Pittsburgh, the Phipps Conservatory and several local car collections.

You can help us maintain Butler’s rich automotive history and the great American automotive story by getting involved in the Butler Old Stone House Region club of the AACA.


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