1909 Huselton: Replacing the rear wheels after checking the brakes

The first club work night for 2013 was held last evening, Jan. 16th, 2013.  Work again focused on repairs needing to be completed on the 1909 Huselton.

The work completed on the 1909 Huselton included:

  • Both rear brakes were inspected
    • It was found that one of the lever pins for the driver side rear brake shoes had fallen out.  The pin was replaced and the brakes restored to normal operation
  • One of the club members finished the machine work required to create a new eccentric attachment point for the engine fan
    • New bearings were installed in the engine fan and the fan was then re-installed using the new fan support shaft
  • Work was started on restoring the headlights to operating condition
    • The headlights were removed so that access to the gas supply connections could be corrected

Below are more pictures from the nights work on the 1909 Huselton:


The 1909 Huselton Gets Attention To The Brakes, Fan, and Headlights — No Comments

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