A Look Back At The Butler Old Stone House Region 2013 Vintage Road Rally

As the Butler Old Stone House Region begins planning for the 2014 2nd Annual Vintage Road Rally we present a look back at the 2013 1st Annual BOSH Vintage Road Rally.

The 2013 BOSH Vintage Road Rally, held Aug. 24th, was a one day tour of several historical sites in northern Butler County, PA.  The sites included in the 2013 Road Rally included:

To add some excitement and challenge to the road rally the touring destinations were not disclosed prior to the rally.  During registration each driver and navigator was given a touring package which included a set of driving instructions to each tour location.  The driving instructions also included a series of challenge questions which could only be answered if the driver navigated to the correct tour location.  Here is a copy of the 2013 driving instructions:

2013 BOSH Road Rally Instru

2013 BOSH Road Rally Instru

The beginning and ending point for the 2013 BOSH Road Rally was the Butler Farm Show Grounds.  The focus in the morning was the registration of drivers and the distribution of the driving tour packets.  While the focus in the evening was a cookout for all the tour participants.

Enjoy this pictorial look back at the 2013 BOSH Vintage Road Rally

2013 BOSH Vintage Road Rally

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The Butler Farm Show grounds : the starting and ending point for the 2013 BOSH Vintage Road Rally




2013 Butler Old Stone House Christmas Party in January

The 2013 BOSH Christmas party in January was held on Saturday, January 25th,2014.  Despite the zero degree temperatures and the heavy snow there was a nice member turn-out for the club Christmas dinner.

As a special treat for the members Dr. Al Zamba was a guest speaker after dinner.  Dr. Zamba discussed the origins and history of the music boxes and related music box instruments.  Dr. Zamba brought several music boxes from his collection, including a musical bird training organ.  Thanks to Dr. Zamab for the engaging presentation.

Here as so photos to enjoy from the Christmas party.